Welcome to our New Normal

From: 16 Jun 2020
to: 31 Dec 2020
  • We look forward to seeing you again (safely).

    We’ve heard the term over and over again. New Normal. But what does that mean, exactly? And Why?

    The pandemic isn’t over, but we also can’t stay isolated forever. We have to find ways to come together again – to relax, to enjoy each other’s company, to connect – and still stay safe.

    It means learning new behaviors. It means thinking not just of our own safety but of others, as well. It means finding ways to be safe, together.

    Some of our New Normal are:

    • Operational hours: daily 11 am – 8 pm
    • 50% capacity limit in mall traffic
    • Mask required
    • Maintain physical distancing
    • Health declaration form and temperature check to enter
  • Our Safety Protocols.

    Some of what we’ve been working on to ensure your safety at our malls:

    • Upgraded standards of hygiene and safety protocols, complying to the Ministry of Health and Government regulations along with WHO also CDC international best practices.
    • Required rapid tests of employees and tenants prior to opening.
    • Fit-to-work daily assessments of employees.
    • Temperature-check and Access Pass for visitors, requiring a health declaration form.
    • Requiring masks of all visitors.
    • Installed touchless ticketing and distancing in parking areas.
    • Physical distancing markers.
    • Limit of 50% capacity in customer traffic.
    • Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers.
    • GEA counters, toilets, nurseries, mushollas, lifts, doorhandles, escalator and corridor handrails, tables and chairs, ATM machinesare sanitized every 30 minutes.
    • UV sanitation of toilets, nurseries, and escalator handrails.
    • Worked in partnership with health experts at Royal Progress hospital to develop safety protocols for mall and tenants.
    • Limited number of customers at each tenant.
    • Gloves, masks, and face shields for employees.
    • Install protective barriers at our food courts.
    • Contactless experience when collecting loyalty points.
    • Dedicated area for deliveries and pick-ups.
    • Limit use of lifts for wheelchairs and strollers only.
  • Keeping safe, together.

    And here are some of the ones you can practice when you come visit us:

    • Wear a mask at all times.
    • Keep those hands clean. Frequently matters.
    • Maintain minimum 1m distance from people not in your household.
    • Stay home if you feel the slightest bit unwell.
    • Check In and Check Out to help us maintain customer traffic limit in mall.
    • Use escalators, reserve lifts for people who really need it.
    • Choose contactless and cashless payment when possible.
  • Check in and out with 3 easy steps.

    As part of our New Normal measures, guests will need to check-in and check-out. This allows us to ensure that customer traffic inside the mall does not exceed capacity. It also allows us to confirm that you’re healthy before you enter the mall, so that everyone can shop and dine at ease.

    The steps are easy:

    • Scan the code (or go to the link provided).
    • Fill in the form (or enter the OTP).
    • Show it to our officer.

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